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Race for Life 2016 – the pink army

Date: July 4, 2016 Author: admin Categories: Freebies, Real Life, Whats hot 0

WE DID IT!  Well it may not sound like much of a distance but me and my daughter managed the 5K run for Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK. We raisied a brilliant £480 ( its still coming in)  and Im so proud of my little girl. Donning our pink Tutus…

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Race for Life – Please sponsor me!

Date: June 1, 2016 Author: admin Categories: Events, Real Life 0

Myself and my daughter are running Race for Life in a months time for Cancer Research UK. If cancer has effected you or your family and friends you will know just how important it is to keep raising money to aid the vital research needed to  fight it. If you would like to sponsor us…

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Re-organisation of Secondary School catchment areas

Date: April 29, 2016 Author: admin Categories: Real Life 0

  With the council proposing big changes to the catchment areas across Brighton & Hove, there is much debate as to whether its the right approach. I wont re-write whats already been written many times about whats been proposed so here are links to further reading: Argus article April 2016 Brighton & Hove City Council…

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My Croup nightmare!

Date: October 20, 2015 Author: admin Categories: Freebies, Real Life, Uncategorized, Whats hot 0

When I stare into my gorgeous little baby boys eyes, it’s hard to believe that only 24 hours ago he was fighting for breath, continuously crying, chest so sunken trying to get as much air into his lungs as possible, being so scared of what’s happening to him. I’m describing croup. It’s horrible, scary, and…

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Flamenco – why it moves me

Date: February 26, 2014 Author: admin Categories: Real Life, Whats hot 0

Flamenco has always been a huge passion of mine and its not until the last couple of years that I bit the bullet and went for it, booking a local class.I think im lucky to have such a brilliant teacher down the road, I love it and would now be lost without it! Well I…

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M is for Miscarriage

Date: December 16, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Real Life, Whats hot 1

Nothing quite prepares you for the news that you have lost a baby. Its like being hit by a large speeding truck and then surviving to see the aftermath. You dont see it coming and then bam, in one short sharp shock all that you hoped for, dreamed about, wished and cared about is whisked…

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Giving up breastfeeding

Date: September 5, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Freebies, Real Life, Whats hot 0

The Daily Toddler friend and guest Blogger Marie-Smith speaks openly about breastfeeding and her feelings about giving it up. My son turns 10 months tomorrow, and I realise the last time I fed him was Monday night.  Before anyone starts to call the NSPCC, I mean breastfed him. I returned to work a month ago…

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Top 10 Nature Activities to do with your Toddler

Date: July 5, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Events, Freebies, Real Life, Whats hot 3

The summer is the perfect season to enjoy getting outdoors with your little ones. In Brighton we’re spoiled for choice with all the beautiful parks, beaches and the South Downs just on the doorstep. Greenfrog’s natural soapnut-based cleaning products are designed especially to benefit from the best of nature, respect the environment and support a…

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Term time family holidays

Date: July 2, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Real Life 5

Should we have the right to decide? The Daily Toddlers guest Blogger Jess discusses her views on the new government legislation soon to be in force. What do you think? let us know. I am a mum of three, one of which is of school age at the of age 5. The government will be…

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Moving on from the judgemental: Listening to ASC families

Date: June 14, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Real Life 5

This is the 3rd (but hopefully not the last!) in this series of blog posts on Autism. The Daily Toddlers guest blogger Shifting.Ground discusses judgement of ASC families and how public opinion needs to move on. “Autism doesn’t affect a person physically in the way that cerebral palsy does for example, and because of its…

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