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Term time family holidays

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Should we have the right to decide? The Daily Toddlers guest Blogger Jess discusses her views on the new government legislation soon to be in force. What do you think? let us know.

I am a mum of three, one of which is of school age at the of age 5.

The government will be placing a new legislation from September 2013 which states that NO school in the UK will be allowed to authorise school holidays during term time.

The old previous and still existing one up to September states its up to the schools discretion to authorise time away based on an individual child and on their attendance.
I have been told my child has not been authorised leave for our family holiday next year, which has already been booked, deposits paid and my partner can’t take leave from work in July or August at all. When we spoke to the school they said to call in sick for your child. Well why should we lie, all I wanted to do was let the school know they won’t be here.

Now being me we are still planning on going, they just won’t authorize it so he will be absent for 5 days. Now I should say no one has said we will be fined or anything yet and I say ‘yet’ as it could happen. I’m not sure at what point these fines happen and to who and under what circumstances.

I personally believe and this is my opinion only that its really up to the child’s parents if they decide based on the many complicated factors in life that decide when a family takes there holiday.

Based on the forums out there on this much debated topic, a lot of people have been saying its the money or getting the timing right for them. Yes there are 109 days or whatever during half term times to have a holiday, but for some these times are impossible due to work or money issues . Mum and dad can’t get the same time off due to someone else being off at the same time at work, or the price is triple that in a school term which they can’t afford, while some have said well a holiday is not a necessity and if you can’t afford to go during half term don’t have one. Its even been said a parent is selfish for taking their children out for a holiday, apparently its a disruptive thing for a child and for a school when a child is off.

I am all for a child not having too much time off and when its an important academic year for them ie. exams etc. but one holiday a year is not going to make a difference in the grand scheme of life as child. We all enjoyed a family holiday when we were young and the majority did it in school term. My view over all is that its my child and my choice I don’t need a nanny/dictator telling me what I can and can’t do with my child! what next?,  no going out passed 6 pm because its the law!

Now the fines part, I’m not totally sure about it so this might not be correct, but I heard it could be £50/ 100 and so many days to pay or it gets doubled. Then if no payment it would be court, then what prison? I’m not sure where the money goes, to the government or school or maybe the council? Don’t people pay taxes anyway?  What about special circumstances ie. a wedding or religious sabbatical. I know people that went for a month away etc. I heard that if a parent was in the armed forces it maybe allowed to take children out during school time due to those special circumstances and what about school trips?  now those are a holiday regardless of the educational visits involved, so I guess they would have to stop too wouldn’t they?

Come September the absences will sky rocket and so will the excuse of  my child is ill and won’t be in at all this week, so I can see in the end it will backfire and there will be scores of children off at the same time which will make it harder for schools and teachers to get a child up to speed with the work they had missed whilst away.

Maybe it will then change and revert back to the previous rules.

I think there are still so many people who don’t know about the new law coming in or maybe they just don’t care enough. or it doesn’t matter to them. How many parents and how many schools there must be in England, why are people not signing the petition?, it needs to have over 100,000 signs to go back to debate in parliament.  That’s why I’m here doing this piece.

We all make our own decisions, don’t let someone else dictate how you make them, for you or for your children, or think in years to come what are we leaving our children with? a government that is too in control so we don’t decide anything for ourselves, and a twenty page rule book to follow.

Please sigh the e_ petition.

Jess from Nottingham

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5 Comments: "Term time family holidays"

  1. Published by: Alice Date: July 2, 2013

    I feel that travel agents exploit the fact that people with kids cant go on holiday in term time and put their prices up knowing this fact!

  2. Published by: Moira Date: July 7, 2013

    I love this post !! totally kewl!!! Well done! I’m coming back to this one …

  3. Published by: Angela Date: July 13, 2013

    I couldn’t care less about the cost of holidays.
    I am a shift worker & have set holidays. I also have to work over half of the weekends during the year. I have no holidays that coincide with ANY of the school holidays so I am going to be forced to lie if I want to take my family on holiday. My children arrive at school on time & complete homework tasks in a timely manner. Surely this should be taken into account instead of imposing a blanket ban. Why not target those who need ‘help’ ensuring their children get to school on time… I see parents still strolling down to school well after the 8.50 start to the school day. Do this every day cutting 10-15mins off the school day & that soon adds up. Do those parents get fined each year for their child missing the equivalent of a weeks’ worth of school?

  4. Published by: jess Date: July 15, 2013

    I don’t think everyone will be fined, and you can still go ahead and have a holiday but its an unauthorised absence for your child, where as if you lie and say they are ill you get away with it apparently. I heard its one fine per child. But other people have heard a fine for each parent and child.
    Still plenty more signatures to get people.

  5. Published by: Stuart Evans Date: September 11, 2013

    This clumsy legislation is disgusting and insulting to parents.

    I apologize for missing the 1st petition, I have just signed a similar one. How do we all get seen at the same time?