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When I was asked to review Soapy Cauldron products I was very excited, they looked fabulous, sumptuous, funky, bright and colourful so this was going to be good.

But I stumbled at the first hurdle when I looked at a date printed underneath the products.
Important information here… The date on the bottom of Soapy Cauldron products is the creation date and not the expiry date, but to all who have been conditioned by supermarket shopping their whole life, assume that a date printed on the bottom of something is its expiry date. When people look at products in a shop they do not see the specification on the website, they purely make their choice by what is in front of them, so being told to look on the website for peace of mind is useless if you are in a shop environment picking out something nice for yourself or a present for a friend. I feel that this is something Soapy Cauldron should flag up as this makes the difference between a sale and someone putting it back down again believing that its out of date. This does the manufacturer and the shop seller harm in my opinion.

The soaps last for 14 months from the date stated on the label and the customer can safely use it for 6 months from that date.


We had two of our lovely Daily Toddler readers Michelle and Fran review the following items from Soapy Cauldron, here’s what they had to say:

Fran reviewed the Lemon Meringue SLS free soap cake and Baby Powder Shower Soap;

lemon meringue sls free soap

Lemon Meringue SLS free soap cake

I really like this soap as it appealed to both me and my daughter: I loved lemon meringue pie as a child and my 3 year old loved the idea of having a bath with a pudding! I thought that the layers of the ‘pie’ might come apart in the bath and quickly disintegrate but I am pleased to say the soap is still intact and has lots of use left after numerous bath times. My daughter enjoys playing imaginative lemon meringue pie related games in the bath and I am enjoying the exfoliating scrub quality of the pie base. I only wish that the soap left a lemony smell after use.


baby powder shower soapBaby Powder Shower Soap

This soap is very pleasing to the touch with a rich creamy feel to the product which transforms into a soft lather for washing. The only one minor downside is that it smells a bit too soapy for my liking however I would definitely recommend this soap on its lovely soft feel.
Retails at £3.99

Daily Toddler Conclusion:
Looks like a thumbs up for both, although the smell of the baby powder shower soap and Lemon pie could do with developing. Both products are SLS free and the Baby powder soap is SLS, MPG and Paraben free. Personally I love soaps that look like something else, its fun and qwerky so the meringue gets my vote there!

Michelle reviewed the Mandarin Cheesecake SLS free soap cake and the Gentle Boo Boo Balm

mandarin cheesecake sls free soapMandarin Cheesecake SLS free soap cake:

Good points:
Looks fun, smells lovely (and makes bathroom smell nice too).  Soap also did not disintegrate into a slushy mess as easily as other soaps.

Not so good points:
Not easy to use because of shape – rounded or square are easier.
One of the three sections came away from the other two early on.
Due to three clearly defined sections, you were left wondering whether each section did something different and therefore if you were washing with the orange section, was this just the nice-smelling part and not the anti-bacterial part etc.
The oat section eventually started to disintegrate and filled the sink with bits of oats – interesting!
The orange section kept sliding out of our hands and escaping over the sink – though the latter may be to do with the ridiculously small size of our sink, and not the only soap to do this.
Retails at £2.69

gentle boo boo balmGentle Boo Boo Balm

Was not affective on bites or the small paper cut I had on my finger. Perhaps I didn’t use for the right things?
Also, I have a preference for Sudocreme as my daughter is happy for me to put this on her grazed knees.


Daily Toddler Conclusion:
With the soap, the overall smell was the winner and would make a nice present for someone who likes unusual things. The fact it is SLS free is brilliant too.
With The Boo Boo balm there was more clarity needed on what the product was supposed to be used for, so more instructions on the label would be really useful here. Also if it was for cuts and grazes its very difficult to take consumer buying away from already established products for that purpose. If it was antibacterial that would be a good selling point.

Local stockists
The Dotty Popsy Gift Shop, 174 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QN

More Information
The Soapy Cauldron are a Sussex based company. More information on their products can be found on their website.

Thumbs Up!
Overall we like Soapy Cauldron products and if they get the date issue sorted its a winner! I would say reasonably priced and great to support local Sussex businesses. They make ideal pressies for friends or just the perfect opportunity to treat those hard working mums!

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