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I am a massive fan of gadgets and so I find it very tempting to try out all of the latest products said to make your life easier with a baby or toddler. Unfortunately not all of them work and some do cost a lot of wonga so heres my top ten practical must have baby accessories that I couldn’t live without after having my little one!. (This is a list applicable from newborn to 2.5 yr old)  Some of these might seem really basic but if your starting out I would have loved a simple list of what I needed without all the faff!


Feeding Cushion

Used it before babe was born to support stomach at night, used it for breastfeeding, babe used it as a pillow and to help her sit up, toddler still using it now at night. My cushion was a pressie from my lovely friend Suzy but you can buy them from Mothercare. It has lasted nearly 3 years and only just given up the ghost because I tumbled dried it and melted it!


Muslins – plain and simple

The good old trusty muslin good for just about anything, its only now that I dont really use them anymore but from newborn up they are a must have. Mopping up spills, sick-up over the shoulder, comfort. My toddler now uses them as blankets or nappies for her toys!


Sangenic Nappy Bin

Being busy means not having time to go to the bin everytime its a ‘stinker’ and so the nappy bin locks away the pong and allows you to have to empty it less frequently! Thats just a massive bonus in my book and the Sangenic you can easily get refills for in Asda, Argos and Amazon ( Amazon being the cheapest).


Fisher Price Jungle Mobile

This has been a godsend right from the word go. It hung over little ones cot rotating with jungle animals and jungle sounds or beethoven music playing and now my little one is a toddler she still likes to press the buttons to play music in her bedroom and it still soothes at night with the music and the light, such a brilliant must have!


Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Car Seat and Quinny Zapp Pram

I did a lot of research on car seats before my little one was born, recall sites, best reviews for safety, practical uses. This was by far the best I could find and the most useful functionality being if babe goes to sleep in the car seat you didnt have to wake the babe to get out of the car, just undo the seat belt and take the whole package! Easy to install and would fit any car. I still have my Quinny now that morphed into a toddler pram after baby use. Small, compact and light its been everywhere and manages hardy terrains aswell, I couldnt do without it!


Car Mirror for seeing baby whilst driving

If you drive long distances like me, it was an essential item, as when they are young and the car seat has to face towards the back seat there is no way of being reasurred they are ok if you can’t hear them over the sound of the engine. Having the mirror there is a comfort and reasurres you babe is alright when you travel and you cant really stop every 5 minutes to check them. It faces the front, you use your rear view mirror to see the reflection of babe in the car mirror. Its just a must have if you do long journeys with a baby!



The cream I just couldnt have got through breast feeding without!


Tommee Tippee Steamer

This one doesnt use chemicals unlike some, although now ive seen there are quite a few that dont, but when I needed one all I could find were chemical ones so this one I liked. Its been a work horse as it got a lot of use in those early days and is still going strong, having now passed it on to by bro for his little one. Just needed a de-scaling and it was fine.


Change mat

They dont have to be massively expensive, I bought mine from Asda for £5 and you get through a few over the years. Top tip with a newborn, face it with the headrest at the feet as that catches the liquid substances and stops them going on the floor or all over you!! ( this doesnt apply if you change them side on!)


Baby bath – from Mothercare

To take the stress out of holding a new baby in water I found this invaluable. Its shaped to fit babe, supports the head and stop lo’s head from going under water, allowing your hands free to wash, shampoo, etc.

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