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Wow yet another minefield of information, dates and deadlines, this time its to get your kid into the school you want them to go to. We are talking Junior/primary school for us at the mo, so its my first introduction into Schools submissions.

If your lucky enough that you child is born after September then they are 5 before they start school and therefore are the oldest in their class but say July means they will be the youngest. Most of us dont think about this at the time of conception! so its just one of those things.

I might already be telling your grandmother how to suck eggs but for those who know absolutely nothing about this phase I thought this post might be useful!.

This info will most definitely vary depending on what country you live in and possibly England, Scotland, Wales or N Ireland but for the sunny South the school term starts in September so I have to think about visiting schools now even though its a year away that my little one will go to school.
Yes thats right a YEAR away, yipes!


Heres my handy checklist:

1. Find a list of your local Junior/Primary schools

2. Listen to the word on the street from other mums at playgroups and talk to friends

3. Contact the schools to find their next open days

4. Arrange an appointment ( a babysitter might be needed if you want your partner/husband to go to as they dont allow kids at the open day)

5. Whats the ethos of the school? what does the headmaster/headmistress favour in terms of subjects?

6. What are their policies? for example, on bullying

7. What are the schools religious beliefs and how do they teach religion in their school

8. Download submissions form from the local council website. For Brighton/Hove its :

9. Complete and submit form before deadline of 15th January 2014 at 3pm ( for Infant, Junior or Primary)

Things to note:

  • Check the submission deadline
  • Even if you get your submission form in early, the submissions dept wont look at it until the submission date has ended.
  • The submission dept have the final word in deciding where your child is allocated
  • Where you live is relevant to allocation. ( Thats why you hear estate agents bang on about ‘good schools’ nearby!)
  • Dont leave it until the last minute just in case there is a problem with your form
  • Dont leave the 2nd and 3rd choice boxes empty in the hopes it will force the submissions board to go with your first choice. You might end up with them choosing for you!
  • Remember to mention in the additional information box if you have siblings that already go to your chosen school as they will have priority.

Further Information:

If you have any handy hints, after doing this yourself please let me know.  For all us other parents who are just starting out with this… Good Luck!


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