The plight of the children’s entertainer

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Having a 5 yr old means lots of childrens birthday parties, which means seeing lots of children’s entertainers.
Oh boy do they vary! There seems to be a hidden melancholy back-story with each one, a bit like a circus clown. Alcoholic?, manic depressive? tired of a clowns life? or friend only to children as adults are too scary? This I find quite fascinating and divulges my inner pop psychologist!

Having been to a party at the weekend we were late arriving and the entertainment had already began. It was in pretty casual surroundings, the performer was at the front of the room with a small bar at the back. We were soon made to feel 12 again as he stopped the show as we said hello to fellow parents, glared at us, music paused until we sat down quietly!
Only problem is you can’t enter a room and not say hello to everyone, adults need to feel comfortable in their surroundings and above all its sociable!! I do understand it’s his performance but surely there has to be a better way of saying “shhhh I’m performing”.
After another stop the show again later on in his performance, a walk up to everyone and a verbal warning to ALL the parents at the back of the room to stop talking, everyone scuppered out into the hallway to redeem what little self respect they had, to carry on their conversation, meanwhile the children laughed and enjoyed the show (although some children looked back only to find their parents had disappeared which caused a few tears).

I can see his point of view and I really enjoyed his act but I just wouldn’t hire him knowing that he would be telling MY guests off like naughty school children!! So what’s the answer?…..

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  1. Published by: Ellie Kelly Date: April 28, 2015


    Hehe, I loved this post. I own a children’s entertainment company.

    Some times in halls esp with bad acoustics it can be so hard to talk to the kids over the noise of the parents.

    It only happens sometime and I normally don’t do anything. I learnt years ago it doesn’t make much different and I also get that parents don’t want to stand in silence to two hours. The most I ever do if it’s really bad is ask once in a friendly little announcement way if the parents could keep the volumes down while I do a particle activity that needs the children to be able to hear everything I’m saying.

    I definitely don’t stop the party and glare. awkward!

    I think the answer is that it’s the entertainers job to deal with the noise in a sensible way.

    Some of my clients also don’t like the parents being to loud and say they will ask them to keep it down if needed or they have planned an area away from the entertainment for them to hang out.

    1. Published by: admin Date: April 28, 2015


      Hi Ellie,
      Glad you liked my post :-) good to get the entertainers point of view! I just had to share as it was…awkward lol. It was a small venue and tbh the adults were talking very quietly, but I guess it was probably a build up of lots of parties where the adults weren’t quite as quiet.
      Will check out your company!

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