Decorating the kids bedrooms – hey theres carpet under this mound of toys!

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Its a mammoth job that seems like an uphill task. Ive put it off long enough, but now its time to ‚Ķ……..¬† decorate the kids bedrooms!

The endless mountain of toys, the old smelly socks that have been stuffed in every orifice, the apple core thats been there for what seems like decades that you didnt know she sneaked upstairs one evening. The felt tip, glitter stained carpet, the carefully picked off expanded vinyl wallpaper that remains from the previous owners.¬† The thought of it being finished and how nice it will look is my main motivation and jesting aside, when I actually start to think about what creative fun I could have it starts to get me uber excited.¬†¬† I think its a matter of finding what looks cool but im sorry to say has to be, eugh I hate using the word…. Practical!

Safe Decorating – what to look out for:

  • No expanded vinyl wallpaper that can be picked off and eaten
  • Carpet that is stain and water proof
  • No sharp edges
  • No ladders near windows
  • All wires of electrical gadgets hidden away
  • Rugs stuck down
  • Use non toxic paint – for no fumes, safe for little ones to nibble on! and its easier for cleaning brushes as it will be water based
  • Use safety catches for Cords on Blinds or better still, use curtains!


To theme or not to theme

I think im going to leave everything’ Frozen’ or ‘Minions’ right where it is as they might grow out of the¬† latest fads and trends too quickly. Instead I’m in favour of a more designer kids room, using a set colour palette, which might have more of a shelf life.¬†Check out these fab Girls bedroom ideas for some inspiration.


What would they want?

I think sitting down with your little one and asking them for their ideas not only involves them in the creative process but also gives them a sense of responsibility for their room. We all know ultimately we have the last say (as we hold the purse strings!) but they could come up with some really creative and fun ideas that we could make practical. Everyone needs a builder dad like mine for this, as he turns wacky ideas into practical realities.

Whats the most important factor?

The vast erray of plastic that gets called toys, bundlies of cuddlies, the bits and bobs toys that dont really belong in one or another set, lego, lego and more lego and a place to stop books from getting dog eared.

We all know that we should have that grand clear out and decorating is the perfect opportunity. I just hope that when its done it will stay like it, heres to hope. Wish me luck!


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