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Summer holidays starting to drag? We have a solution!

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ideas to entertain the kids in summer holidays

Feel like the summer holidays are never going to end? Tried all the tricks in your parenting arsenal and them some? If you’re reaching the end of your rope and can’t afford any more bribes and trips out, grab a jar from the recycling box and start a new family tradition…

Introducing the “I’m Bored” jar

The “I’m Bored” jar is invaluable to stressed-out parents. Never again will you be frantically racking your brains for a boredom-buster while an under-occupied child discovers new and exciting ways to drive you up the wall.

When the whines start up, you’ll be ready. Your blood pressure will not rise by several points, because you’ll usher them calmly to the “I’m Bored” jar to pick a slip of paper. On each folded slip will be a task that costs nothing, doesn’t create extra waste and that small people can do on their own at home without (too much) adult supervision. Winning!

Next time you hear “I’m booooooooooooored”, why not get your crew to help design a label for a new “I’m Bored” jar and then help you write out a batch of suitable tasks?

You will need:

  • A big, clean jar with a lid
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • A glue stick

A few ideas to start you off…

  • Draw a picture for a friend or family member’s birthday
  • Have a sock puppet show
  • Find three old toys to donate to the charity shop
  • Make a blanket fort
  • Try to write your name with your feet
  • Draw a picture with your ‘other’ hand
  • Play an instrument
  • Read a book
  • Put together an obstacle course
  • Look through the cookbooks for something to make together for dinner
  • Make up a dance to your favourite song
  • Build a house of cards
  • Start a club with your friends
  • Play with chalks outside
  • Make a bookmark
  • Draw a comic strip
  • Design a treasure hunt with clues and a ‘prize’
  • Write a story beginning, “Yesterday a spaceship landed in our garden…”
  • Learn ten words in a different language
  • Dig out a toy you haven’t played with in a long time
  • Draw a family flag
  • Find shapes in the clouds
  • See how many creatures you can spot in the garden
  • Start a club for your friends
  • Draw your own board game and try playing it
  • Organise a picnic, indoors or outdoors
  • Make a mask from a cereal box and a piece of string
  • Do a chore of your parent’s choice (Cunning mums and dads might want to put a few important tasks into the jar several times!)

Can you think of any more ideas to put in an “I’m Bored” jar? Post your thoughts below…

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