Kiddiewinks Playgroup Review – May 2013

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Kiddiewinks playgroup Review – May 2013


Kiddiewinks is a parent and toddler group that runs every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 2:15pm. £3.00 entry for little ones, adults free. Lunch is available to buy at very reasonable cost.

Wherever I go and I see Volunteers, I always take my hat off to them. People who give their time up for the good of others is something I really appreciate. Its a genuine human quality that fills you with the satisfaction that there is still good in the world. I see this in the Kiddiewinks group led by Shirley and Laura. They run a tight ship that makes you feel welcome and a genuine community feel about the group. Kiddiwinks has been successfully running for over 10 years. This tight nit community might be why there is a solidarity and genuine friendship between Shirley and the people who attend. But what about new people to the group? Shirley & Laura have always made me feel a welcome addition to the group and the friends I have brought along too.

Playgroup & Lunch

What does set aside this group from others is the combination of Playgroup and Lunch. If you are a busy mum/dad/grandparent/carer its nice to have food cooked for you and not have to worry. Lunch is available for your kids ( in good sized toddler portions) and also good sized adult portions! It encourages your little ones to eat together with others and also eat food that they perhaps wouldn’t otherwise even try such as cabbage, spring greens and broccoli. Shirley offers a healthy varied menu each week and caters for Vegetarians. After lunch, drinks are served with a biscuit.
Importantly this group is open in the holidays, so when other groups shut up shop ( and so many of them do!) Kiddiwinks is open.

Toys & Activities

There is a wide range of toys inside and outside from garages, prams, puzzles and dressing up clothes to bouncy castles, scooters and slides to to name a few. All toys are sorted throughout the year throwing old or broken away and bringing in new toys. There is a separate area laid out for small children and babies with age appropriate toys. Every week there is an activities table consisting of a different art or craft. Shirley also creates seasonal craft ideas ( christmas, easter etc).
The outdoor area has a high wall and fence for a secure area in which your little ones can play in.


Toilets: Several toilets available and a separate disabled toilet. They are clean, always have soap and hand towels.
Dining area: Small toddler sized seats and childrens tables, 2 high chairs, toddler plastic cutlery, plates and cups.

Hiring the venue

The Hollingdean Community Centre is also available to hire for events or parties. It allows full use of facilities such as an excellent kitchen, tables, chairs, outdoor area and toys ( toys are at additional cost ). See the website for details


Parking opposite the building, there has always been space to park.

Our Verdict

Overall I would say Shirley and Laura have a heart of gold and run a strong community playgroup. Their hard work and community spirit is worth visiting every week, along with keeping me and my little one’s tummy full and if you get the chance to sample Shirleys cheesecake there is no going back, its too yummy for words!
Its definitely important that it keeps the support of its funders ‘The Hollingdean Development Trust’ and its with Thanks to them for supporting this group.

And did I mention Kiddiewinks is open in the holidays!!!

For more information please visit the website at:


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