Honest practical suggestions and information on everything for your baby and toddler including snacks and dinner ideas for the vegetarian toddler, local playgroups in Brighton, Hove and Sussex and detailed reviews of toddler friendly places to visit.

mum and daughter

I am a busy mum who runs her own business and looks after my daughter and new addition baby boy. Given that time is a commodity and every second counts these days I had to come up with meals that would satisfy us as a family and the entity that is the ‘fussy toddler’. Meals that had easy to obtain ingredients and were quick to prepare and cook.

The ‘having to think of what to do for dinner’ (Not forgetting ideas for snacks and breakfast) every day, along with all the other things that have to be done was always a challenge, so gradually, bit by bit, I collect ideas from anywhere I can.

This blog doesn’t confess to being a work of culinary genius – no masterchef for toddlers! Im leaving the kings and queens of cooking (Jamie Oliver, Annabel Karmel, Delia, etc.etc.) to do what they do best. All I really want to do is just write down very honest and most importantly ‘practical’ options, so that if this can be of help to even one other person out there I will be happy.

… and not to mention a big Thank You to all my family and friends who help inspire the ideas!

This blog started off as just about food but now Ive also included playgroups, snack ideas, places to visit with your toddler (with my own reviews) and useful websites, all of which will be updated as regularly as humanly possible. Feel free to contact me by email or use my contact form

Here’s to happy toddlers!