Toddler Meals

Toddler Meals

Its so hard to always have to think of what to give your toddler for every meal and with variety!. So I decided to write it all down, and if its always on the internet I can refer to it easily if I need. Theres sooo many toddler meal ideas sites out there so I just wanted to amalgamate as much as I could into one concise list and if it helps my readers along the way then thats brilliant. Tried and tested suggestions for this list always welcome :-) I also found that if my LO one was being looked after by family/friends this would come in handy too! These are all vegetarian but can easily be substituted with meat.

For the dinners list  I plan to do detailed recipes on how to make them, this to come later…


Rice crispies
Multigrain shapes
Marmite/peanut butter on toast
Fruit bread ( Kingsmill do really nice Fruit and Fibre loaf)
Yoghurt (Plum yogurts and fromage frais & Rachels yogurts ive found to have least sugar content)
Apple/pear or banana


Corn on the cob
Salad – cucumber/cherry tomatoes/celery/carrot sticks/pepper slices
Mini pittas ( you can get this most places, just a smaller version but my LO loves em)
Tortilla wraps – filled with anything they like (advocados/cucumber/tomatoes etc.) a little bit of salad cream helps
Beans (snack pot beans really handy just take lid off and put in microwave)
Boiled egg and soldiers ( I do mine for 7 mins)


Fish fingers with gherkins (cocktail gherkins are now her favourite but the big ones cut up are winners too!)
Veggie quorn sausages with mashed potato and peas
Veggie tagine & cous cous (asda do tagine sauces which I add vegetables to)
Jacket potato with beans and grated cheese
Cooked smoked salmon with pasta
Asparagus risotto ( do this if you have more time as it takes a while)
Tacos with bean mix
Noodles & black beans sauce with brocolli
Noodles with peas, baby corn and veggie hot dog sausages with Soy sauce
Spaghetti bolognese with quorn mince
Spaghetti with meatballs ( quorn or meat free meatballs or swedish style meatballs)
Pasta with Sams sauce ( butter and tomato ketchup )
Pasta pesto Frans sauce ( spoonful of pesto )
Pasta with campbells condensed soup
Pasta with tomato puree
Spinach tagliatelli with creamy Philadelphia sauce, peas and quorn bacon
Grilled Polenta with garlic
Veggie lasagne ( for quickness use frozen quorn lasagne)
Reggae Reggae Sauce Korma with rice & peas ( the korma has a kick but not too over spicy, take down spice with spoonful of mayonnaise)
Curried vegetables & rice
Cottage pie
Sausage cassarole with bulgar wheat & peas
Mash potato with a gravy boat and veg around the outside ( brocolli/peas/sweetcorn/carrots)


Frozen or fresh: strawberries/blueberries/mango/red currants/pear/apple/pineapple/melon/apricots
Yoghurt  (plum yogurts and fromage frais or yeo valley)
Rice pudding
Fruit and ice cream
Jelly ( Hartleys do little pots of jelly and this make is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it doesnt use any animal gelatine)
Stewed fruit ( 2 apples, 2 pears, 1 tin of pineapple juice aswell – boil up, no sugar needed, leave to cool)